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Story-Based Inquiry Training: I've been called "one of the leading investigative media trainers in the world."  It's very simple: Most professors hate to teach practical skills. I love it.  I've taught reporters on three continents, Masters students at the Université de Paris, MBAs at INSEAD, Rotterdam School of Management and Essec, and executives from BP, Electricité de France, Johnson & Johnson, Syngenta and other firms how to gather and tell true stories.  Classes are structured beginning in half days and up to a working week.  For more details, visit me and my co-author Luuk Sengers at

Networking and Media: I research these intertwined subjects at INSEAD, wrote on them for Harvard Business Review, and teach them at INSEAD, the Rotterdam School of Management and elsewhere. 

Case studies: I'm a two-time winner of the highest award in this field, the EFMD for case writing.  Major energy and pharma firms are among my private clients.  Samples available on request.

Samples, evaluations and references available on request.

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