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Five books have been published under the name Mark Hunter since 1988, and you'll see what they're about and what reviewers said below. For extracts in English, click on a cover.

Un Américain au Front: Enquête au sein du Front National
An investigation based on a year inside France's extreme right party -- and a book that predicted what was coming.
Paris: Stock, 1998.

"Astonishing... A world of militants and sympathizers described like never before." L'Evénément du Jeudi

"He alters a certain number of received ideas, in particular concerning the activism of the extreme right movement." Le Monde Diplomatique

"Fine investigative journalism…. Detailed and fair, yet intensely personal and insightful." France Today


Le Journalisme d'investigation en France et aux Etats-Unis

The first (and to date only) study and beginner's manual of investigative journalism in France, in pocket format. (Sorry, no excerpts  yet.)
Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, Que sais-je?, 1997.

"Investigative journalism remains a hot subject, and Mark Hunter's book assuredly helps to understand it." Médiaspouvoirs

"It can serve as a manual for apprentice investigators, and for any reader curious to know the recipe of a good investigation." Mémoire de Trame

 Le Destin de Suzanne: La véritable affaire Canson
A true story of power, art and crime
, from the Elysée Palace to the gutters of Toulon.
Paris: Fayard, 1995.

"A model of the nonfiction novel." Jerome Charyn in Libération

"A model of investigative journalism and as good a read as any of the best-selling fiction in the new American legal genre." The Spectator (London)

"Exemplary... Horror, sadism and ambitions combine in a drama of which the center is a painting, 'The Sevillian Gentleman' by Murillo, acquired under suspicious circumstances by the Louvre. This book illuminates, in a Balzacian manner, one of the shadow zones of a period in which ethics and a certain socialism sank together." Le Monde Diplomatique

"We will not contest the very good American-style investigative work of Mark Hunter."  The Museums of France to the Associated Press


Les Jours les plus Lang
The first (and only) critical study of the Ministry of Fun and its crown prince Jack Lang, against the backdrop of Paris's roaring 80s.
Paris: Odile Jacob, 1990.

"Mark Hunter recounts the metamorphosis of the boy who put on Punch and Judy shows, during a shaken childhood, into a shrewd politician... all the more interesting because it emanates from an observer at once foreign and competent." Le Monde

"This isn't just blab. Mark Hunter knows his subject." Associated Press

"He has the whole period under his eyes, and he reveals its inner layers without mercy." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung


The Passions of Men: Work and Love in the Age of Stress.
In the 80s you could prove that men accepted feminist principles, but it didn't change their behavior. Why? The economy, stupid. This book foresaw work-life issues that came to the fore a decade later. 
New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1988.

"His book deserves to be a best-seller. It is one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging psychological studies of American society that any writer has undertaken for quite some time." Los Angeles Daily News

"This book addresses with intelligence and insight, and from a man's point of view, many of the same issues that women have been exploring for years." Kirkus Reviews

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