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More Articles by Mark Hunter

The Rise of the Fouille-Merdes: Why Investigative Journalism in France is No Longer a Contradiction in Terms (Columbia Journalism Review), was part of a Sigma Delta Chi award-winning package for “research on journalism” in 1996 – a primer for the revolution in French media-government relations in the 1990s. A follow-up for the CJR, Judicial Repression, analyzed the backlash from the French state in the late 1990s.  It is worth noting that CJR's support for my work in France, initiated by Mike Hoyt in 1995, has resulted in the only ongoing chronicle of the modern French muckraking movement. It continues here with an article first published in the July-August CJR, “When Mondes Collide”, about the moral ambiguities of France's leading daily.  

For more on the National Front, click on Goodbye, Toujours Provence – Hello, Jean-Marie Le Pen (in Salon), which lays out in plain English the FN's regional strategy as it was first applied in the 1998 -- and will surely be applied in the next regional elections, coming up fast.  You can also read about the FN's media networks in the CJR.  

One of the most terrifying moments in recent European history came just before the Kosovo War, when the FN set out to build a neo-fascist alliance spanning Eastern Europe and the Balkans, in preparation for the expansion of the European Union.  If you think that stopping the formation of such a "red-brown" axis was one of the reasons the U.S. bombed Serbia, this story will support your hypothesis. I broke it in the Prague-based magazine Transitions ("Nationalism Unleashed: Jean-Marie Le Pen Moves East") and Le Monde Diplomatique ("Les réseaux européens du Front national"); the latter article includes footnotes.  My thanks to editors Mark Schapiro and Serge Halimi for their great work with me on this project, and to the Fund for Investigative Journalism for a grant that helped get me started.

Internet Tools 
HPJ recommends that anyone who spends serious time on searches install at least two browsers.  Why? Because they're not all the same, and the differences matter.  Opera (7+) is the fastest browser I've used, and packed with great features (including built-in bookmarks you will use).  It's also got a small footprint, which makes your system run faster.  Netscape 7+, while heavier, is likewise fast, and functions better with many secure sites.  Both are equipped with better "save" utilities than Internet Explorer.  Get them at or

This site was originally designed with Microsoft FrontPage, a decent program -- but not much better, we've discovered, than the Composer included with Mozilla, or the WYSIWYG HTML editor included with Star Office. The latter is free for educators or students and cheap for everyone else. Get it at Sun's software download page. If you use search engines, if you want to be on search engines, bookmark this killer site. I don't know if they'd approve HPJ, but this site sure taught me some basics of page design by showing me what not to do.  Thanks, guys. This site is maintained with WS_FTP LE by Ipswitch, the freeware (for educators like me or home users) version of their professional FTP client.  The freeware is excellent software, with droll sound effects built in that alert you to successful or blown connections. There are a lot of great shareware and freeware sites, and this is one of the best. I browse it whenever I need a particular tool.

French and Foreign Online Media Want a break from the BBC? Worldwide French radio news in 20 languages.  My favorite mag about journalism. The thinking person's mag of the French Left.  A terrific links page for worldwide alternate news sources. Nonprofit site providing alternative news and directory. Homepage of the world's largest and greatest organization of investigative reporters.  Mark Lee Hunter is a member. The Danish Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting has taken the lead in networking Europe's investigative reporters, and they are a brilliant educational group. 

Music and entertainment Richard Hunter may be my brother, but he's also a world-famous player, teacher, and innovator on the harmonica.  His solo work is mind-blowing. You can hear our work together at Before you buy any gear, read what people who own it already think. The best place in France to find used gear at a reasonable price. "Zikinf" is argot for "music information". Reverend Guitars makes set-neck and bolt-on instruments of professional quality at a working man's price.  I use them exclusively in my live shows.

Reference and Guides Maps and traffic reports that'll keep you from getting lost over here.  A city guide for Parisians -- in French and excellent.

Communities A metamotor for online communities. Articles newsletters, interviews, top ten online communities. : In-depth information on the evolution of cyberspace. Search for communities by category or keywords, links to websites, add your own community.

Open Source  A great starting portal for Linux -- news, links to distributions, solid counsel. An excellent portal for open source.

Internet News General information on the internet industry.  Industry news, excellent search engine. Hot topics on the internet drawn from different newspapers, search engine for specific topics. Solid industry news and analysis (I found them particularly excellent on B2B marketplaces). Solid news site about you-know-where. One of the first, still one of the best. Just because they were wrong about the New Economy and stock options doesn't mean they don't get some things right.

Internet law Plenty of solid information, FAQs, international law. Excellent content on Internet law in France (and in French).  Its coverage of the Yahoo! c. Licra case was simply unmatched.

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